Most data table reports have a small search bar below the report. Here you can type data and press Enter key to search for this string within the report displayed above. For example, in the « Keywords » report, you can search for nature and it would return all keywords matching nature.

The search field is actually a Regular Expressions. For example, a search for nature|life would match all rows containing nature or life. All search strings containing any of the special characters from this list: . + * ? [ ] $ ( ) { } = ! | must be escaped with a back slash, eg. if you want to search for keywords containing love! you would search for love\!.

Advanced tip: if you want to find all rows in the report that do not include a particular sub-string or in other words: to hide and exclude all rows that match a particlar sub-string such as brand, you would use the following regular expression: ^((?!brand).)*$