Don’t irritate visitors with cookie consent banners​

Did you know you can lose customers, get less accurate data, and damage your reputation all because of consent banners? 

This is because a large % of people will not opt-in to tracking and cookie consent screens – which means you could be making bad business decisions based on inaccurate data. Your reputation is also at stake because you must use a consent screen to announce you’re using a tool like Google Analytics, which uses visitor data for their “own purposes”. Not a good look for your brand. 

This is where Matomo Analytics can give you an advantage. 

No cookie consent banner

You can use Matomo without cookie or tracking consent

In general, privacy legislations such as the GDPR and ePrivacy often require you to display a cookie banner or tracking banner asking for consent before tracking visitors’ data. 

However, Matomo’s privacy protection is so good that once configured, you can use it without needing to ask for any consent. Simply follow a few steps to protect privacy and you’ll be able to use Matomo without the clutter of consent banners.

So why don’t you need a cookie consent banner with Matomo?

Once you activate cookieless tracking, you will no longer need to display a cookie consent banner because:

  • Visitors aren’t tracked across websites (compared to GA which does track visitors across many websites)
  • Fingerprints change daily for every visitor meaning no visitor can be followed across days within the same website, and no user profiles can be generated when cookies are disabled
  • The data is not used for any other purpose than analytics (compared to GA which uses it for other purposes and therefore always requires consent)
Cookie consent