Les fonctionnalités du produit Matomo

Obtenez toutes vos fonctionnalités standard préférées ainsi que des fonctionnalités améliorées pour maximiser les conversions par de nouveaux moyens.


Understand who your visitors are and target more visitors who you know will convert. Learn more.


Understand the true value of your content and create clearer user pathways that impact your business. Learn more.


Discover and take action on the marketing channels that have the biggest ROI for your business. Learn more.

Multi Attribution

Accurately estimate any marketing channel and make smarter decisions when determining advertising spend. Learn more.


Understand who your customers are and get comprehensive insights into your customers’ purchasing behaviours. Learn more.


A goal, otherwise known as a conversion, is the measure of a successful action that you want your visitors to take. Learn more.


In a glance you will learn the steps your users go through to the desired outcomes you want them to achieve. Learn more.


Track your retention efforts over time and find out how well you keep your visitors engaged. Learn more.

Custom Reports

Choose from over 200 dimensions and metrics to get the insights you need as well as various visualisation options. Learn more.

Tag Manager

A pain-free solution to embed tracking codes to your website without needing developer knowledge. Learn more.


Heatmaps shows you visually where your visitors try to click, move the mouse and how far down they scroll on each page. Learn more.

Google Analytics Importer

Import your historical Google Analytics data directly into your Matomo. Learn more.

Session Recordings

Increase conversions by seeing firsthand the user-experience of visitors on your website. Learn more.

SEO Keywords

Maximise your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts with comprehensive search engine reporting. Learn more.

Form Analytics

Identify and fix pain points on the forms that are most important to the success of your business. Learn more.

A/B Testing

Test anything and test anywhere to increase your sales, conversions, page views and more. Learn more.

Media Analytics

Get powerful insights to discover how your users engage with your video and audio content to maximise your success. Learn more.

Paid Ads Performance

Invest confidently in the right keywords and target the right customers for your PPC campaigns. Learn more.

White Label

Customise your Matomo interface and reports to look and feel like your brand. Learn more.

Roll-Up Reporting

Easily aggregate data from multiple websites, mobile apps and shops into one account. Learn more.


Make Matomo uniquely yours as you can adjust and extend it to your needs through our APIs. Learn more.

« Matomo est un trésor d’informations. Si vous aimez vous plonger dans l’analyse, c’est votre outil. En plus des analyses habituelles, Matomo inclut également l’option de cartographie de points chauds afin que vous puissiez voir où vos utilisateurs regardent sur certaines pages, puis utiliser ces renseignements pour augmenter les ventes et les conversions. L’équipe de Matomo a également été très utile pour mettre en place l’outil et fournir un soutien chaque fois que cela était nécessaire. »