The SEO Web Vitals feature has many benefits and features. For example it helps you:

  • Improve your search result rankings
  • Optimise your website visitor experience
  • Monitor the performance of your site
  • Monitor your competitors’ web vital performance

Please note that the SEO Web Vitals feature is exclusive to Matomo On-Premise and is not available in Matomo Cloud.

Matomo enables you to track metrics for SEO Web Vitals. These are things such as your website’s page speed and loading performance, which can help with search engine optimisation. Search engines don’t want to send people to pages that appear jittery and take forever to load and as it reflects on their reputation. Therefore these core web vitals are being used more and more by search engines such as Google to rank websites and ensure a great page experience for users arriving on links from their results.

As a website owner or marketer, monitoring these SEO Web Vitals and optimising your page experience where possible will help improve your position within the search engine results pages. Monitoring your SEO Web Vitals enables you to understand how your site performs in the wild, i.e. with actual users. Once you know how good or bad things are, you can monitor these metrics over time to improve them. This will improve your overall performance scores and, ultimately, your rankings.

Another often missed opportunity is the fact that these metrics are essentially open for anyone to inspect. You can’t hide your website performance; it simply is what it is. Therefore, you can also measure the SEO web vitals of your top competitors to benchmark your site against theirs. This means you can optimise your site to ensure it provides an objectively better experience for your users. With all else being equal, this will enable you to leapfrog your competition in the search results.