Where can I get the SEO Web Vitals feature?

SEO Web Vitals is a plugin for Matomo and is available for purchase on the Matomo Marketplace as a yearly subscription. While the subscription is active you will receive all updates for this plugin.

What does SEO Web Vitals do?

SEO Web Vitals has many benefits and features. For example it helps you:

  • Improve your search result rankings
  • Optimise your website visitor experience
  • Monitor the performance of your site
  • Monitor your competitors’ web vital performance

For a detailed information read our SEO Web Vitals User Guide.

Who develops & maintains the SEO Web Vitals feature?

The feature is developed and maintained by InnoCraft, the company from the makers of Matomo. At InnoCraft, passionate product designers and engineers build and maintain the free and open source project Matomo. This ensures the highest quality and compatibility of all their plugins. As a result, popular Matomo features such as Row evolution, Scheduled reports and others will work out of the box.

What about the quality of the SEO Web Vitals feature?

This feature is built and maintained by InnoCraft, the makers of Matomo. This ensures that the plugin is well integrated, kept up to date and automatically tested whenever a change in Matomo core is made. By purchasing this plugin you also support the original developers of Matomo to maintain the free and open source analytics platform itself.

Where do I find the SEO Web Vitals report?

You find the report by logging in to your Matomo and clicking in the left reporting menu on « Acquisition -> SEO Web Vitals ».

Read more about how to use this plugin in our dedicated user guide for this feature.

What does the SEO Web Vitals feature look like?

You can find screenshots of the UI in the plugin preview.

There are also screenshots in the SEO Web Vitals User Guide.

What is the difference between field data and lab data in SEO Web Vitals and is the data based on my real visitors?

Field Data is shown for each page at the top level of the report for a quick overview of your metrics. This data is most reflective of the reality of your web page experience as it is an average based on 28-days of actual visits by real users loading your website.

Lab Data is the second data type and is shown when you click the plus icon to analyse a specific page in more detail. All data shown within the Audit Lab Data section is taken from a simulated visit generated by a Google bot visiting your website and measuring each of the metrics for that specific visit. Due to the fact this is based on a single lab visit from a single device and location, the metrics and scores may vary wildly from the experience of your actual visitors and even between individual tests from the same tool.

How do I improve my SEO Web Vitals performance?

We cover this topic in detail in our SEO Web Vital User Guide.