Within Matomo individual websites or apps are identified by their idsite number. From here on in we use the terminology idsite when referring to an individual website.

Moving an idsite from a local or self hosted Matomo to a Cloud hosted Matomo

We would be happy to move your local or self-hosted Matomo to the cloud free of charge for any paid plan. To migrate a single idsite to the cloud we would need to import your entire database into the cloud environment. Please read and complete our migration form here. We can not migrate to trials.

Moving an idsite from Cloud hosted Matomo to self hosted or local Matomo

We offer the capability to export a Cloud database for any Cloud plan. With this export, you can obtain a database dump that can be installed in a new Matomo installation. Just contact our cloud support team to gather your database dump. Database dumps are not available for trials.

To proceed with the migration, you can follow the instructions provided here. After installing the database dump in your local installation, you will have the flexibility to remove any undesired idsites. Please note that it is not possible to partially export a database; the export includes the entire database.

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