To move a website (and its data) to a new Matomo instance, you can use the Migration plugin.

After you migrated a website’s data from one Matomo instance to another, please remember to update the Tracking codes in your website and ensure that they reference the correct Matomo URL and the correct Website ID.

Migrating data from one Matomo to another is very helpful in several use cases:

  • When your Matomo instance includes websites from different customers and you want to move one customer’s web analytics data in its own Matomo instance. You can setup a new Matomo instance for this customer and then migrate their website’s data over to this new Matomo instance. Then you can delete their data from your Matomo instance.
  • When you currently have multiple Matomo instances running and want to consolidate them into one main Matomo instance (eg. for easier maintenance). You can migrate all your websites data from your multiple instances into your chosen main Matomo instance, by running the Migration tool on each Matomo you want to migrate. Once all your websites data from your other instances is migrated and after you have updated all Tracking codes to reference the new instance URL and website ID, you could uninstall these other Matomo instances.

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