At Matomo (Piwik) we have a policy to recommend users to use the very latest Matomo version. To help you with keeping up to date with the latest version, your Matomo server will automatically send you an email within a day after a new version was published. The subject email is New Matomo 3.0.0 is available and the message contains a direct link to your Matomo to update in one click. The email is only sent to users having Super User access.

If for some reasons you do not want your Matomo server to send these notification emails you can disable them by editing your config/config.ini.php file and adding below [General] the following: enable_update_communication=0

Note: this setting will also disable the New Plugin releases notifications emails. Plugin notifications is a feature you can enable in ‘General Settings’ that will send Super Users an email when a new plugin versions is released on the Marketplace.

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