Welcome to the latest Piwik 1.10.1, which contains major new features, smaller features, and many bug fixes and improvements.

What?s new in Piwik 1.10.1?

  • New Page Overlay Report: (this is still in beta… but already awesome!)
  • Create text annotations! Annotate a particular date on the graph and add a text note. Visualize all notes for the current date range. Star notes. ENJOY!
  • New Social Networks reports! Check out the new Social Websites report in Referers> Websites.
  • New System Check page in the Settings, available to the Super User, useful to check your server configuration is compatible with Piwik
  • Added call to Donations! Let’s be honest: Piwik is not backed by a rich company, we are a true open source project, and we badly need your support to keep up this pace of new releases and quality. We hope you will like the new widget call to donation and that you will use it! :)
  • Exclude visitors based on User Agent (it was already possible to exclude by IP address)
  • More! see the release blog post for more screenshots
  • We also fixed some bugs that many of you have been waiting for
    • Custom Dashboards will now correctly restore their preferences on further reload of the dashboards
    • Users using OVH web host (very popular in Europe) will be happy to know we have fixed bug #2997- Piwik will now just work on OVH without manual configuration!
  • Security: We would like to thank the Security Researchers Mateusz Goik, Pawe? Ha?drzy?ski and Artur Czy?, for their responsible disclosure. They have all reported XSS vulnerabilities (which we’ve fixed) as part of our Security Bug Bounty Program. Thank you to them for making Piwik more secure! Please update now.

After You Update

  • Please use the forums for free support.
  • Some of you during the Auto Update will get the error: « Incompatible archive: PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature » -> Edit your piwik/config/global.ini.php and replace the line starting with latest_version_url with this new line:
    latest_version_url = http://builds.piwik.org/latest.zip

    Then proceed to the Auto 1 Click Upgrade which should now work again! (this is an exceptional change, sorry about this).

  • After the update, if you get a white page or the CSS is not working (Piwik appears black and white), see this FAQ.
  • Please help us spread the word about Piwik on your twitter, blog, website, to your friends, at conferences, etc.
    Already 460,000 websites have liberated their web analytics but this is just the beginning. Thank you for your support!

New Documentation & Pages

New FAQs

List of 68 tickets fixed in this release

  • Piwik 1.10.1 fixes a few non critical bugs that were reported in the hours following 1.10 release.
  • #2997 OVH Web Host compatibility: detect when file sessions are too slow and use db sessions instead
  • #2465 Page Overlay – Analytics Overlay on your site!
  • #134 Bulk load Piwik logs with documented API: improved tracking performance, allow performance testing
  • #3456 Create auto-updater & auto-downloader for GeoIP databases
  • #3481 Set lat/long via Tracking API
  • #1470 Continuous Integration server improvements
  • #1253 Create annotations in the Graphs and list all Text notes for a given date range
  • #1465 Integration testing: list of ideas of improvement
  • #2375 Exclude Visitors matching User Agent across all websites
  • #2448 Ecommerce analytics improvements
  • #2791 Social networks tab and widget
  • #3227 Replace SimpleTests with PHPUnit
  • #3520 Tracking API support new Parameters for User Agent and Browser Language
  • #3525 SEO Widget improvements: Display Google indexed pages, number of entries in DMOZ, and more accurate Domain age
  • #3534 Get city, region, country name, lat/long, using via the API UserCountry.getLocationFromIP
  • #3565 Tracking API: new function setPageCharset to set the character set used on the tracked page
  • #3567 Visitor Log: Display Web Visitor GPS coordinates: latitude longitude
  • #3624 Add call to Donation in Piwik – Piwik is Free, but we need your support
  • #3636 Need MultiSite API enhancement
  • #1554 Installation/CoreUpdater: language selector is gone
  • #3175 Auto update link not accessible with ipads also bind click/touch event
  • #3349 getUsersAccessFromSite has a different behaviour if only one member
  • #3450 umlauts in sitesearch keywords
  • #3511 Some cities appear multiple times in a same period report
  • #3515 Fails to Geo lookup IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses
  • #3539 Site Search keywords and categories should be recorded in lower case
  • #3543 Piwik 1.9.2 dashboard and widgets don’t stick
  • #3550 GoalManager: misspelled variable leads to incorrect attribution
  • #3582 hideColumns/showColumns not working in Metadata API
  • #3458 Improve GeoIP diagnostics
  • #3491 Use mt_rand instead of rand
  • #3542 Cleanup social network icons
  • #3643 French Translation for CoreAdminHome_PiwikIsInstalledAt, CoreAdminHome_TrustedHostSettings
  • #2057 Checking the In- and Outbounds of a page
  • #2122 System Check page in Admin menu + usability improvements
  • #3213 Add Google ChromeOS as operating system
  • #3316 Option to disable seriesPicker for jqPlot
  • #3559 allow geoipUpdateRows.php to run in browser w/o timing out
  • #3585 API: getProcessedReport metadata API new parameter showRawMetrics to return all raw metrics
  • #3616 Developers: prepare useful Log file for Piwik devs to have data to play with
  • #3657 Allow disable OPTIMIZE TABLE queries in config file
  • #766 Archiving Memory exhausted error – Archiving memory leaks
  • #3259 Warning: htmlspecialchars() Invalid multibyte sequence in argument in core/DataTable/Renderer.php on line 223
  • #3384 in maintenance mode, links don’t work since Proxy disabled
  • #3432 Flattening lists and filtering throws error when used together
  • #3440 widget error message « The report ‘nb_uniq_pageviews’ was requested but it is not available »
  • #3454 Detecting site search via URL parameter with square brackets does not work
  • #3527 PHP Notice: geoip_record_by_name() in Pecl.php with IPV6
  • #3529 Piwik 1.9.1 Visitor Location (City) widget: Minor problem
  • #3532 API output: when &flat=1 is used, data set is not sorted by the expected column
  • #3535 Typo in /lang/en.php file
  • #3547 API to invalidateArchivedReports should force cron to reprocess old reports even if there are no new visits today
  • #3548 Log Analytics: Classify user agents containing « spider » as bots
  • #3566 Live API getVisitorDetails should return city, region, latitude, longitude
  • #3572 Piwik SSL detection should also read proxy ssl header: HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO
  • #3575 ResponseBuilder should not modify DataTable_Simple instances at all when format=original
  • #3576 ajaxHelper class breaks dashboard when range period is used
  • #3579 Reprocessing logs doesn’t regenerati weekly values
  • #3583 blank page in piwik because of file core/lic.log
  • #3590 Custom Variables in the Visitor Log – Scope « Page » not shown when no value set
  • #3608 Division by zero in Privacy Manager Controller
  • #3614 UI: Small display bug in Piwik top menu
  • #3615 Tracker: when « visitor_days_since_last » is greater than 0, assume visitor_returning = 1
  • #3621 Full screen widgets Mode when clicking »Maximise »
  • #3628 Clicking on sparkline to reload graph should use the Limit selector
  • #3641 Bug fix for preventing the error messages when import data from IIS log
  • #3426 1.8.4: The parameter ‘idSite’ doesn’t have a correct type, and a default value wasn’t provided.
  • #3472 Changing the dashboard doesnt work

Happy, Open Analytics!