Start of Crowdfunding for Matomo 2.0: Donate to directly support the Matomo 2.0 development!


The road to Matomo (Piwik) 2.0

These are exciting time for Matomo, as we begin our march towards Matomo 2.0 and cross off features from the Matomo 2.0 Roadmap. Our goal is to make Matomo 2.0 the ultimate Open Source Web Analytics Platform. Some of the features we have in-store towards the goal of Matomo 2.0 include: Beautiful detailed Visitor Cities and Regions Maps, new Analytics features, new reports, custom Alerts, new admin options, and much much more.

Crowdfunding Matomo 2.0

To accelerate development we need your help as never before. We are starting a crowdfunding initiative to help us fund more than 50 improvements that will make Matomo the best open web analytics software on many levels. By donating you help us directly fund the team  to implement these features quickly, so we can achieve Matomo 2.0 in 2013 rather than 2014 or later. In return for your help not only will you get cool features, but Matomo swag as well.

Beautiful Flash Free Maps

Cities in USA Visitor Analytics MapsOur first foray into the crowdfunding features will be the beautiful Flash-free maps. We need your monetary help to get us to the final leg of completion. These maps will use SVG+JS+HTML5. It  will also help us remove the last Flash hold-out in the Matomo interface. These maps will allow us to provide you with  user data  from countries, states, regions and in many cases down to the city level. The goal for this feature is $4,000 dollars, with the minimum pledge at $10. If you can donate to it’s completion it would be much appreciated. To do so, you can visit the funding page: Awesome and Flash Free Maps!.

Future Features

We will be adding new features all the time, so please make sure to check here: Current Crowd Funding Features.Your help in sharing this page, and promoting those features you want to your social graph and other Matomo users would be much appreciated. The faster we achieve our funding objectives for features, the quicker we can add them to Matomo. As always Matomo will remain a free and open source software, but your monetary donations will aid us in keeping it as a leader in open source analytics, with the best feature set.

Make a difference now, help us achieve Matomo 2.0 and pledge for the Beautiful Maps Project!

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