We release today 0.4.1 mostly for compatibility with the newly released PHP 5.2.10.

– FIXED #821 Piwik is PHP 5.2.10 Compatible: Incompatible method declaration in Piwik_Log_APICall
– ADDED #778 javascript API to trigger a goal trackGoal. See documentation for trackGoal Javascript function
– FIXED #814 sourceElement can become NULL in function clickHandler
– FIXED #760 Changes to ‘Basic HTML’ format
– FIXED #742 Open Flash Chart update to Version2 Kvasir
– FIXED #820 Piwik_ViewDataTable: $this->dataTable->getFirstRow() returns false and attempts to access getColumns()
– FIXED #815 password reset should be reset only when email was successfully sent
– FIXED #808 OFC2 export as image broken on IE8
– FIXED #805 PHP session settings
– FIXED #620 Piwik should use autoload (lazy load) classes instead of using require_once
– FIXED #798 IE6 error when clicking on menu: flash object not destroyed properly (patch by Marc Trudel)
– FIXED #795 Flash Widgets – « loading-blue.gif » never finishes
– FIXED #697 Campaign parameter ignored when not as first parameter
– FIXED #786 Installation on IIS fails with http status 405 error
– FIXED #787 change to support embedded widgets across domains; add sample cross domain policy (install in wwwroot and edit list of permitted hosts)
– FIXED #785 Bug the new piwik.js from Version 0.4 doesn’t work with perfectlightbox
– FIXED #736 unset cookie value if set(name, val) is called with val = Null
– FIXED #810 Class ‘Piwik_URL’ not found
– FIXED #784 Error when deleting a goal
– FIXED #783 Piwik includes wrong Zend library

Most patches for 0.4.1 were submitted by Anthon Pang.