When emails from Matomo are not being sent, for example scheduled email reports or password reset emails are not sent, or you may be getting the error [Zend_Mail_Protocol_Exception] 5.1.7 Bad sender address syntax while executing the core:archive console command via crontab, then please follow the steps below to likely solve this issue.

Edit your config/config.ini.php and under the [General] category add the following:

noreply_email_address = "noreply@your-domain-here.com"

This should fix the issue and your Matomo emails should now be sent.

If your emails are still not sent from Matomo, then please run the following command (requires Matomo 3.10.0) to send a test email (replace your-real-email-address@example.com by your real email address):

./console core:test-email your-real-email-address@example.com

And if you see any output please contact us to let us know about it.

Finally if you are not able to receive emails from Matomo with the default configuration, we recommend to try to configure a SMTP server to send all emails from Matomo as this will likely solve the issue.

If you are receiving an SMTP Error: Could not authenticate then read here how to resolve this issue.

If your SSL certificate is self-signed, you may need to edit your Matomo configuration file.

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