To open the Visits Log, click on the reporting menu Visitor > Visits Log. The Visits Log is a tool that allows you to see all the visits on your site, and browse through these visits to check on individual user sessions. You can click Next at the bottom of the page to access previous visits, or change the date in the calendar to access visits from different days.

The Visits Log shows the same data as the Real time widget as well as any Custom Variables you may have set on your visits. It doesn’t refresh automatically but of course you can reload the page to see your latest visits. It is useful to browse individual user sessions on your site and understand what your visitors were looking for, whether they found an answer, or to see which pages they looked at before converting your Goals.

Screenshot of the Visits Log displaying the list of all visits (and their actions) in a given day

You can see the Visits Log on the official Matomo (Piwik) Demo.

Note about Embedding Visits Log: If you are building a web application or provide Matomo as a service for your customers, you may want to allow access to the Visits Log in your existing design. You can easily embed the Visits Log for a specific idSite/date, see the result here. Click on Administration > Platform > Widgets for more information.

About Visitors’ Privacy

The Visitor IP (visitIp field) and the Unique Visitor ID (visitorId field) will be displayed in the user interface and returned in the API output only if you are logged in Matomo. For privacy reasons, we do not display the IP or Visitor ID to anonymous users.