Users Flow is a premium feature which is included in all our Cloud-hosted plans or you can purchase it on the Matomo Marketplace if you self host Matomo On-Premise. Learn more about all the benefits and features of Users Flow.

Viewing the Users Flow visualization

Go to Matomo (Piwik). In the menu click “Behaviour” and then “Users Flow”. You will see a visualization of the most popular pages and the paths your users took over several steps.

Users Flow Visualization

In the top left you can adjust the report to show more or less details and to change the number of actions per interaction step.

Users Flow Controls

The visualization lets you dig into the data in many different ways. You can see tabular list of all interactions by clicking on an “Interaction” title or by clicking on a green node and then selecting “Show details”. This way you can also find out which pages were grouped together under “Others”. If you are interested in how your users came to a particular page at a particular step and where they went to next, click on a green node and then select “Explore traffic”. This will show you for example the flow for all visitors or users that have visited a page “/start” at interaction step 2.

Users Flow Interaction Menu

You can add this visualization to your dashboard and export the view to share it with your colleagues or clients. The data is also accessible on the Matomo Mobile app.

To analyze more Users Flow reports click in the menu on “Actions” and then “Top Paths”. In a glance you will see which paths your users take most often.

Users Flow Top Paths

The « Overview » lets you investigate the visitor engagement, for example after how many interactions your visitors drop off. When you click on a row, you can see which pages they visited most often at a particular interaction step, and where they went to from there. The data in this overview report table is the same as the data displayed in the Users Flow visualization but there are times where it is more helpful to explore it in a tabular way.

Users Flow Overview

Applying segments

The Users Flow gets even more valuable when you apply segments. Learn for example how your visitors navigate through your website when they enter it for the first time by applying the segment “Visit type is new”. Learn how your visitors browsed through your website that have converted a goal by applying the segment “Visit converted a specific goal”. Or maybe you want to analyze and compare how the paths vary depending on a different country or referrer? You can apply any Matomo segment to the Users Flow reports.