After you have installed a plugin for Matomo, if you don’t need the plugin, you can uninstall the plugin.

Note: when you uninstall a plugin, all the data stored by this plugin will be deleted. Any database tables or columns the plugin created will be removed.

Following the steps below to uninstall the plugin:

  1. login to Matomo as a Super User,
  2. click on Administration (cog icon),
  3. click on « Plugins » in the left menu,
  4. next to the plugin you want to uninstall, click on « Deactivate »,
  5. once the plugin is deactivated and the page has reloaded, you can now click the red « Uninstall » link next to the plugin to uninstall.

On uninstalling, the data for this plugin will be deleted and the plugin files will also be deleted from your server.

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