Find below the checklist for ensuring you have everything needed to proceed with setting up Matomo successfully.

To successfully setup Matomo Analytics Enterprise you will need:

  • ☐ Experienced system administrator(s) employed by Customer
  • ☐ Domain name or a sub-domain dedicated to Matomo
    • (sub-domain)
    • (domain)
  • ☐ Valid SSL certificate for the Matomo domain name or sub-domain
  • ☐ License key for Matomo Analytics Enterprise
  • ☐ Server infrastructure
    • either a single server
    • or two servers (one for web app, one for DB),
    • or a set of 2-5 servers for multi-servers setup.
  • ☐ Backup server for storing all backups
  • ☐ SSH and root access to all servers
  • ☐ NFS (Network File Systems) should not be used to ensure optimal performance. Neither used for the Matomo app codebase, nor for the MySQL database.

The following softwares are needed to setup and run Matomo Analytics Enterprise:

  • ☐ Operating system: Debian or Ubuntu server are recommended
    • But it is also possible to use Matomo products with any other OS such as RHEL and Windows (we also document Matomo on Windows)
  • ☐ MySQL 5.7+ (or MariaDB) database
  • ☐ PHP 7+ and required PHP extensions
  • ☐ Web server: Apache or Nginx are recommended
  • ☐ Latest software package for Matomo Analytics Enterprise
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