When running Matomo on multiple servers it is required that the same codebase is deployed on all servers. Typically, to make it as easy as possible to deploy the same codebase, we recommend to re-use your existing deploying strategy, such as using SFTP to copy files or any other deployment tool you may use. The codebase includes all files and directories in the Matomo codebase itself, as well as these other files which may be customised by you or Matomo users:

  • /config/config.ini.php (main config file)
  • /config/common.config.ini.php (second config file)
  • /misc/user/*(stores custom logo and favicon you may have uploaded)
  • /misc/DBIP-City.mmdb or /misc/GeoIP2-City.mmdb or similar (IP to
    location file used for geolocation during tracking)
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