In this FAQ, we’re going to discuss how to activate and deactivate all the plugins.

Activate and deactivate all the necessary plugins by executing the following commands on one server:

$ cd path/to/matomo

$ for PLUGIN_TO_ACTIVATE in CustomDimensions Cohorts CustomReports  MarketingCampaignsReporting CustomAlerts LogViewer InvalidateReports TasksTimetable DBStats AbTesting MediaAnalytics FormAnalytics Funnels RollUpReporting SearchEngineKeywordsPerformance  MultiChannelConversionAttribution HeatmapSessionRecording UsersFlow ActivityLog WhiteLabel DBStats TagManager; do echo -e “activating plugin $PLUGIN_TO_ACTIVATE…” && ./console plugin:activate $PLUGIN_TO_ACTIVATE; done

$ ./console plugin:deactivate ProfessionalServices

Alternatively you can use the User Interface. Go to Matomo > Administration > Plugins, and click “Activate” for each of these plugins in PLUGIN_TO_ACTIVATE, and “Deactivate” for the plugin ProfessionalServices.

When you run Matomo on multiple servers, you only need to activate the plugins (run this console plugin:activate command) on one server, and then let the config/config.ini.php file be synchronised to all your Matomo app servers. Learn more how file synchronisation is configured in Multi-servers configuration (and the sub-section Activating a new plugin on a multi servers environment).

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