What does Multi Channel Conversion Attribution do?

Multi Channel Conversion Attribution, also known as Cross Channel Attribution, lets you assign a value to each visit prior to a conversion. By default, when you view the channels that lead to a conversion, Matomo (Piwik) shows only the channel of the last non-direct visit. However, in reality, several channels usually contribute to a conversion as a visitor or user often visits a website several times before they actually convert. By applying different attribution models, you get a more accurate view on which channels actually lead to a conversion. This way you learn where to actually spend your money best when acquiring visitors.

Where can I get the Multi Channel Conversion Attribution?

Multi Channel Conversion Attribution is a plugin for Matomo (Piwik) and is available for purchase on the Matomo Marketplace as a yearly subscription. While the subscription is active, you will receive all updates for this plugin.

Where do I get more information about the Multi Channel Conversion Attribution plugin?

It is recommended to visit the Multi Channel Conversion Attribution plugin page on the Matomo (Piwik) Marketplace for a full list of all benefits and features. There is also a Multi Channel Conversion Attribution User Guide

Who develops & maintains the Multi Channel Conversion Attribution plugin?

The plugin is developed and maintained by InnoCraft, the company from the makers of Matomo (Piwik).
At InnoCraft, talented and passionate product designers and engineers build and maintain the free and open source project Matomo. This ensures the highest quality and compatibility of all their plugins. As a result, popular Matomo features such as Segmentation, Row evolution, and others work out of the box.

What about the quality of the Multi Channel Conversion Attribution plugin?

This plugin is built and maintained by InnoCraft, the makers of Matomo (Piwik). This ensures that the plugin is well integrated, kept up to date and automatically tested whenever a change in Matomo core is made. By purchasing this plugin, you also support the developers of Matomo to maintain the free and open source analytics platform itself.

Does Multi Channel Conversion Attribution work as a standalone product?

No, the Multi Channel Conversion Attribution plugin is built on top of Matomo (Piwik). To use it, you first need to install Matomo.
Matomo requires PHP, a MySQL database and a webserver like Apache or Nginx. Learn more about Matomo.
Alternatively, to take away the hassle of installing and maintaining your own Matomo, sign up to our Matomo Cloud (formerly Piwik Cloud) service.

Which Matomo version is required for this Multi Channel Conversion Attribution plugin?

Matomo (Piwik) 3.0.0 or newer is required. You can also sign up to our Matomo Cloud (formerly Piwik Cloud) service.

Which attribution models does the plugin support?

Multi Channel Conversion Attribution supports the following attribution models:

  • Last Interaction: The full credit of a conversion goes to the last interaction.
  • Last Non Direct Interaction: The full credit of a conversion goes to the last interaction that was not a direct entry.
  • First Interaction: The full credit of a conversion goes to the first interaction.
  • Linear: The credit of a conversion is shared equally across all interactions. If there are for example 5 visits, each channel / referrer gets 20% of the credit.
  • Position Based: The first and the last interaction get each 40% of the credit. The remaining 20% of the credit are shared equally across all remaining interactions.
  • Time Decay: The credit of a conversion is shared across all interactions where more recent interactions become more credit compared to interactions that happened a longer time ago.

How do I enable the Multi Channel Conversion Attribution for a goal or ecommerce order

When you create or edit a goal, you can enable or disable this feature. If your website or mobile app has the ecommerce feature enabled, the attribution report for ecommerce orders will be available automatically.

Where do I find Multi Channel Conversion Attribution report?

You can find the report under the « Goals » reporting category.

Which Channels does the Attribution report show?

The plugin shows all standard Matomo (Piwik) channels such as direct entries, websites, search engines and more. You can drill each channel down and see each individual referrer name. For example, you can see the attribution for each search engine, website referrer, and more.

Which metrics are shown in the Multi Attribution report?

You can compare how the conversions and revenue change for each attribution model. The plugin also shows in percentage how much the conversion or revenue differs between the different models.

Is it possible to change and increase the number of days prior to the conversion to more than the default 90 days?

First, go to the Multi Attribution report which is listed under the « Goals » category. In the top you can find a select field where you can change the number of days that should be considered prior to the conversion. By default, you can select 7, 30, 60 and 90 days.

There may be scenarios where you want to increase the number of “Days prior to Conversion” to more than 90 days. By default the maximum number of days is 90 but it is possible to increase the number of days. You have to keep that in mind that it may affect performance of Matomo, the higher the number of days the slower the report processing gets. You can configure which days should be available in your config/config.ini.php file in a comma separated list like this:

available_days_prior_to_conversion = 7,30,60,90,120
default_day_prior_to_conversion = 30

Is it possible to apply segments to the Multi Channel Conversion Attribution?

Yes, the plugin lets you segment your visitors in advanced ways and you can apply any of the over 100 Matomo (Piwik) segments as usual.

Can I export the Multi Attribution report and embed them somewhere else?

Yes, you can export the report and embed them via an iframe into
a different website or app
. You can also add the Multi Attribution widget to your dashboard. If you need access to the raw data, you can use the Live API or directly access the raw data in your MySQL database.

Can I fetch Multi Channel Conversion Attribution reports via the Matomo HTTP Reporting API?

Yes, the Channel Attribution report can be fetched in different formats such as JSON, XML, CSV, HTML and more, so you can integrate your measured form data anywhere. Read more about the Matomo (Piwik) HTTP Reporting API and view the Reporting API Reference.

Do I get access to the raw data?

Multi Channel Conversion Attribution does not track any new data and does not add any new log tables to your Matomo (Piwik). The reporting is entirely generated based on your existing data.

Therefore, the raw data is accessible as usual by using the Matomo Live Reporting API. Additionally if you host Matomo yourself, you get access to all data that is stored in your MySQL database: the data is stored in the matomo_log_* tables.