Does Matomo Mobile support SSL when SNI is in use?

It should work on iOS and Android. If you have any problems, please let us know here.

Which devices are currently supported?

Android devices version 2.2+ and all iOS devices version 4+ (iPad, iPhone und iPod Touch).

Are Kindle Fire devices supported?

The app should work on Kindle Fire devices but we cannot guarantee this. Therefore, we don’t distribute the app via Amazon’s Appstore for Android. Instead, you can download the app below.

I do not have access to Google Play Store, can I download the app directly?

Yes, you can download binaries versions of any older Matomo Mobile app below:

*. Matomo Mobile 2.5.0 for Android 8+
*. Matomo Mobile 2.4.11 for Android 7+
*. Matomo Mobile 2.4.10 for Android 7+
* Matomo Mobile 2.4.7 for Android 7+
* Matomo Mobile 2.4.6 for Android 7+
* Matomo Mobile 2.4.5 for Android 6+
* Matomo Mobile 2.4.4 for Android 6+
* Matomo Mobile 2.4.2 for Android 6+
* Matomo Mobile 2.4.1 for Android 6+
* Matomo Mobile 2.4.0 for Android 6+
* Piwik Mobile 2.3.0 for Android 6+
* Piwik Mobile 2.2.0 for Android 4+
* Piwik Mobile 2.1.0 for Android 4+
* Piwik Mobile 2.0.1 for Android 4+
* Piwik Mobile 2.0 for Android 4+
* Piwik Mobile 1.9.6 for Android 2.2+
* Piwik Mobile 1.9.5 for Android 2.2+
* Piwik Mobile 1.9.4 for Android 2.2+
* Piwik Mobile 1.9.3 for Android 2.2+
* Piwik Mobile 1.9.2 for Android 2.2+
* Piwik Mobile 1.9.1 for Android 2.2+
* Piwik Mobile 1.9 for Android 2.2+
* Piwik Mobile 1.8 for Android 2.2+

The app does not seem to work.

Please check the following steps to troubleshoot your Matomo Mobile app:

  • Is your internet connection active?
  • Is your Url to Matomo (Piwik) Server entered correctly?
  • Have you entered the correct login and password?
  • Is there any unwanted characters – spaces for example – in the Matomo Url, username or password?
  • Does your Matomo user have at least “View” permission for one website?
  • Do you use the LDAP plugin? Unfortunately, the LDAP plugin does currently not support to log in via API
  • Make sure your Matomo instance is not blocked by an « Ad blocker » app. In case you are using a custom ROM please have a look whether your ROM comes with an Ad blocker which is enabled by default

The app crashes on start

Try to disable developer options, for instance “do not keep activities”, in Android settings, see .

How to add ‘Basic Auth’ protection to a Matomo installation?

If you want to add a Matomo (Piwik) installation which is protected via basic access authentication (for example using a .htaccess file), you just have to add the username and password to the Matomo Server URL between the protocol and domain like this:



Note: we highly recommend to use https so you don’t send your password in plain text over the wire.

Graphs in Matomo Mobile do not display characters in Chinese, Japanese, Russian, etc.

You need to upload a unicode font to your Matomo (Piwik) server. See the FAQ: How do I enable unicode characters (Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, etc.) in graphs in PDF/HTML reports and Matomo Mobile graphs?

Why are there no graphs displayed on my device?

Graphs aren’t displayed if you use Matomo Mobile 1.5 or earlier. Please update Matomo Mobile and Matomo (Piwik) server to the latest version.

If you still don’t see any graphs in Matomo Mobile ask your Administrator to open the Matomo “Plugins” page which can be found under Administration top menu link. Make sure the ImageGraph plugin is activated. Within the description of the plugin there is also a link to verify graphs are working. Just click the “Debug: All images” link. If graphs are not displayed there, the error is caused by your Matomo installation and not by Matomo Mobile. Make sure all required extensions are installed for example the GD extension.

There may be also an issue under Android when the webserver uses gzip to deliver the images.

Why are there no “Visitor icons” displayed on my device?

There are two known issues:

  • A few icons are not displayed if you use a secure protocol (https) with a self signed or an invalid certificate.
  • Icons won’t be displayed if you have a permanent redirect from http to https with a self signed or an invalid certificate.

What if I lose my phone?

Matomo Mobile doesn’t store your password on the device but your “authToken”. The “authToken” is as secret as your login and password. Other users are able to get access to your Matomo (Piwik) installation with this token.The solution is to change your password within Matomo if you’ve lost your device. Matomo generates another “tokenAuth” for your account and the “tokenAuth” stored on your device is no longer valid. Make sure not to choose the same password as before.Though you can protect your installation by just changing your password, it is good practice to create a new account just for Matomo Mobile. This account only requires view access.

How do I report a suggestion or a bug in the Mobile app?

Please look at the list of opened tickets for the Matomo Mobile app. If your suggestion or bug is not in the list, you can register on Trac and create a new ticket with as much information as you can.

How is Matomo Mobile 2 built?

Matomo Mobile 2 is built using Titanium Mobile SDK which is licensed under Apache v2. It gives us the possibility to build native applications for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Tizen as well as to generate a mobile web application from one code base. The code is written in JavaScript. If you’re German speaking you might want to look into the book Titanium Mobile – Multi Platform Apps using JavaScript which is written by Thomas, the developer of Matomo Mobile 2. It gives you a great introduction on Titanium Mobile.

In which direction will Matomo Mobile develop in the future?

Be sure we have lots of ideas how to improve Matomo Mobile in the future! We plan to unify Matomo (Piwik) and Matomo Mobile more and more. There is also the idea that you browse some statistics in the web and when you open the mobile app, you will be able to continue browsing on the same report and website. For a better dashboard integration we also want to implement more widgets, for instance “Real time visitor count”. In addition, we will optimize the version for different form factors. For instance displaying more data on tablets where there is more space available, to give you the information you want even faster. Of course there are also some great core features waiting to be integrated in Matomo Mobile such as “Segmentation”.

Stay tuned & Happy analytics on the go!

Why am I getting an error « HTTP 414 Request-URI Too Long »?

The URLs that Matomo Mobile requests are usually not longer than 500 characters and should not cause any troubles. In the past we noticed some troubles if a WordPress plugin like « iThemes Security » was used though. It should work if you disable this plugin. Or you could try to go to iTheme Security options > System Tweaks > and just disable « Filter long URLS » option.

In case you are not using plugins like iTheme Security you might want to have a look at LimitRequestFieldSize and LimitRequestLine for Apache or large_client_header_buffers for Nginx.

How is Matomo Mobile 2 licensed?

Matomo Mobile 2 is licensed under GPL v3 or later. Read more about it on the License for Matomo Mobile page.

I’m a developer, can I contribute?

Yes! The source code is freely available on GitHub: Just send us a pull request. It’s even better if you create a ticket in Trac upfront to introduce your idea there. This way you can involve the whole community.

How do I track users of my own Android or iOS mobile app using Matomo?

You can measure your mobile app users and screenviews using the Matomo Android or iOS SDKs.

Most features of Matomo will work the same as when tracking a website using the JavaScript Tracking client, but there will be some differences.