Tarte au Citron is a widely used French open source consent manager which supports third party blocking and configurable language options. A Pro version is offered as a cloud service with additional features such as real time statistics and use as a WordPress plugin. Tarte au Citron translates to Lemon Pie in English.

Tarte au Citron includes built-in support for Matomo.

In this step-by-step guide you will learn how to set up Tarte au Citron open source or Tart au Citron Pro and Matomo to work together. Tarte au Citron will disable or enable Matomo depending on the user consent it records.

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Open source version

After adding the Tarte au Citron code your website using the first step of the Installation and configuration guide, use the second step of the guide to search for Matomo:

For Matomo On-Premise and Matomo Cloud choose Matomo Cloud (privacy by design)

Now follow the guide steps to add the Tarte au Citron service for Matomo to your website.

Note: the code shown in step 2 should be added before the code shown in step 1.

Pro version

You should have already created a Pro account and have completed the necessary steps to add the consent manager code to your website.

Tarte au Citron Pro will automatically detect the Matomo tracking code and enable or disable it depending on user consent. There are no additional configuration steps needed!


If you’ve successfully followed the steps in this guide then your website will now have both Tarte au Citron and Matomo working together, with Tarte au Citron managing all visitor consent and the Matomo JavaScript tracker only enabled for visitors who have given consent to be tracked.

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