Matomo user interface has thousands of text labels: menus, report names, column names, help text, setting names, tooltips, etc.
Sometimes you want to update these strings and customise them.

Overwrite label within Matomo app

For example, you may want to rename a particular sub-menu in Matomo to be more easily understood by your audience. To define custom strings (translations) for any of Matomo text/label, install the Customise Translations plugin from the Marketplace. This plugin lets you easily overwrite any string of Matomo. The overwritten strings will be stored in the database as plugin settings and will be persisted when you upgrade Matomo in the future.

Overwrite labels within reports data

For example, you may want to rename a Custom Dimension value (that you have tracked in the past) to make it more clear to your audience.
When you need to rename strings within the reports and the data, you can use another plugin called Custom Translations. This plugin lets you translate the following entities and tracked values into another language:

  • Tracked custom dimension values
  • Tracked event values
  • Configured custom dimension names
  • Configured custom report names
  • Configured Dashboard names
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