The default widgets selection is the combinations of widgets and layout which are used for all new users as their default dashboard. As long as a user hasn’t customised their dashboard already (by adding new widgets, or changing the column layouts, or modifying widget display settings), ​​then they get the default dashboard layout.

This default widgets selection and dashboard columns layout will be also used when any user creates a new dashboard, or when « Reset dashboard » feature is used.​​

How do I update the default dashboard layout?​​

To update the default dashboard ​layout, follow these steps:

  1. Login as a Super User in Matomo
  2. On any of your dashboards, customise​​ the widgets and layout until you are happy with the dashboard layout.
  3. Click on Dashboard selector, then click on « Set as default widgets selection »
  4. Click « Yes » to validate

Congratulations, your dashboard is now the default dashboard for your Matomo users.

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