To setup monitoring of your Matomo analytics service, we recommend to setup the following monitoring checks:

  • HTTP Reporting API and Core platform: request to /index.php?module=API&method=API.getMatomoVersion&token_auth=YOUR_TOKEN_AUTH_HERE should return http status 200
  • HTTP Tracker API: request to /matomo.php should return http status code 200

We recommend to use https:// in the monitoring URLs checks, to make sure that your Matomo service works over secured connection.

Unavailable status typically means the request fails to return within 10 seconds, or return the wrong status code, or SSL connection fails, etc. (This depends on the web monitoring tool being used)

When Matomo is maintenance_mode, the API will return 503, unless Matomo is configured behind a load balancer, with General config multi_server_environment=1, should return http status code 200

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