Yes. By default, the UI allows you to record only up to 5000 sessions for a single recording. In case you wanted to record more than 5000 sessions, you can change your config/config.ini.php file by changing the session_recording_sample_limits value. If you cannot find this setting in your config file, please add the following two lines and adjust the values to your liking:

session_recording_sample_limits = "50,100,250,500,1000,2000,5000"

Setting a higher limit is usually not needed as it takes about 28 hours to watch 5000 sessions with an average length of 20 seconds. However, this can be useful if you want to record many, if not all sessions on your website and then apply segments afterwards to drill down the sessions you are interested in.

Note: You can create unlimited recordings but the sample limit per recording is limited to 1 Million. At an average of 30 seconds per sample will take 1 year of non-stop watching to watch 1 Million samples.

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