If your import fails regularly for a specific day, you may have found a bug in the import process. In this case you should file a bug report at the github repository. To help us find the cause more quickly, please do the following things when filing your report:

  • Start a new import for the specific day that fails and check the « Enable Verbose Logging » checkbox at the bottom of the form:
    Enable Verbose Logging
  • When the import experiences the error again, find the log file on your server for the import (it will be named something like /path/to/your/matomo/tmp/logs/gaimportlog.$idSite.$matomoHost.log). Email it to us at support@matomo.org (it’s probably a good idea not to post the contents with your bug report as it may contain information about your server).
  • Cancel the import.

This will help us debug the issue you are experiencing, though we may still not be able to find a cause. In this case, if you are able to provide read only access to your Google Analytics account, we will be able to further debug the problem.

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