There are several ways to exclude particular log lines or visitors from being tracked.

  • you can exclude specific IP addresses or IP ranges from being tracked. To configure excluded IPs, log into Matomo (Piwik) as Super User, then click Administration > Websites.
  • the script provides an option to exclude visits with specific User Agent HTTP headers — via


  • the script provides an option to enforce a whitelist of all URL hostnames that should be considered — all other log lines with a hostname not in the list will not be imported. See the option:


  • it is also possible to exclude specific log lines where the URL path matches a particular URL path. See the option --exclude-path

For example, to exclude all files from the URL you would write --exclude-path="/assets*"

To exclude two paths, you would write: --exclude-path="path1/here*" --exclude-path="/sub/path2*"

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