When you create a new funnel or update an existing funnel, the report won’t immediately show any data. By default, most systems will generate report data up to 6 months in the past the next time archiving runs. However, if you want to still get the funnel data for more historical dates, you can follow these two steps:

  1. Invalidate the historical data, and
  2. then re-process the reports for all your websites. If you have setup auto-archiving then the command to re-process the reports will automatically run within the next hour or so. Alternatively you can manually re-process the reports. Depending on the amount of data in your Matomo instance, this command may take a while to run and you may want to adjust the amount of days (and seconds) you want to reprocess.
    Please note: For funnels tied to a goal, only tracking data with goals that have already been converted will be processed when re-processing reports for funnels.

This guide applies to Matomo On-Premise hosted on your own infrastructure. If you are using Cloud-hosted Matomo, then reach out to the support team to learn more.

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