Piwik 2.0.1 is a follow up release to the major release Piwik 2.0.

This release brings a few visual improvements (such as sharper graphs on Retina display), adds the ability for plugins developers to automatically run tests on Travis CI, and adds support for PHP 5.3.2. Finally a subtle but useful improvement: enabling themes and plugins is now much faster, thanks to a nice optimization in the way we merge Javascript and CSS/Less files for the reporting UI.

List of 10 tickets fixed in Piwik 2.0.1

  • #4373 Make Activate/Deactivate plugins and themes super fast!
  • #4398 Class ‘Piwik\Log’ not found in …. [php 5.3.2]
  • #4399 IE8 clicking on sub tables results in JS error
  • #4389 Retina Support on jqPlot
  • #4394 trusted_hosts error message not displayed
  • #4386 Date picker hidden behind box
  • #4393 Editing a Scheduled report in Morpheus
  • #4280 Let plugins developers run their plugins tests continuously in Travis CI
  • #4127 Enable new Morpheus theme by default for new users… feel the love
  • #1640 jsmin – preserve licence and copyright

After You Update

  • Help us spread the word about Piwik on your blog, website, twitter, at conferences, and to your friends and colleagues.
    Already 1,000,000 websites have liberated their web analytics but we think this is just the beginning..
  • Please use the forums for free support.
  • After the update, if you get a white page or the CSS is not working (Piwik appears black and white), see this FAQ.
  • To improve Piwik in your language consider contributing to translations.
  • Contact Piwik Gurus for any enquiry, custom development or to learn more about professional Piwik hosting

Credits go to the Piwik team for their achievement, as well as our Wonderful sponsors and our Friends.

Learn more about Piwik 2 in our Launch press release.