Welcome to the latest Piwik 1.9.1 the best Piwik release to date.

What’s new in Piwik 1.9.1?

This new version fixes a few bugs reported in the last week.

After You Update

  • Please use the forums for free support.
  • After the update, if you get a white page or the CSS is not working (Piwik appears black and white), see this FAQ.
  • Please help us spread the word about Piwik on your twitter, blog, website, to your friends, at conferences, etc.
    Already 320,000 websites have liberated their web analytics but this is just the beginning. Thank you for your support!

New FAQs & Documentation

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List of 18 tickets fixed in this release

  • #3404 Feedburner API deprecated by Google -> we removed the feedburner widget in Piwik.
  • #3450 Support umlauts and non unicode charsets in sitesearch keywords
  • #3452 Error: Class ‘Piwik_UserCountry_LocationProvider’ not found, preventing tracking
  • #3466 Email reports contain translation key instead of the translations
  • #3474 Warning: imagecreatetruecolor() [function.imagecreatetruecolor]: Invalid image dimensions in /libs/pChart2.1.3/class/pImage.class.php on line 93
  • #3023 When anonymize IP is enabled, consider doing Provider / GeoIP lookup faking the last IP byte to 1 ?
  • #3080 Record known « Hostnames » for improved security + Warn when hostname has changed after migration
  • #3403 Incorrect visitor log links on 5.1.6
  • #3453 archive.php – ANSI_SQL compatbility SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘-1’ in ‘field list’
  • #3449 admin users edit website Javascript error
  • #3463 GeoIP ServerBased not working when ip masquerading is enabled
  • #3471 Clientside javascript for the Dashboard can get caught in infinite redirect loop
  • #3473 GeoIP fails silently when mbstring extension not available
  • #3314 Add support for Composer, Vagrant and Puppet
  • #3027 UI: Sort event is bound several times on hierarchical tables (bubbled)
  • #3296 Fatal Error in VisitSummary Widget
  • #3331 Can not choose in the field Web site in IE 7
  • #3446 Provide better error reporting for geoipUpdateRows.php