– NEW Introducing beta release of Goal Tracking Plugin! Define your goals and see how your website is performing. A Goal can be a page view (or group of page), file download or click on an outlink. You can set an unlimited number of goals. Access Piwik reports to see who are your visitors that convert the most. Various segments are available: conversions by search engine, keyword, campaign, website, country, conversions by hour, by returning visitor or new visitor. Access your conversions report in one click on the icon below most tables in Piwik. Access all segments data by the new « Goal » tab in the Piwik UI. The Goal data is also available using the Piwik API (conversions, conversion rates, revenue, for each goal, for each segment).
This is beta release, there are known bugs and more features we will include, but we release it today to see what you think about it, and how we can make it better! We welcome your feedback!

– NEW Adding 4 new languages: Norwegian (by QTSystems), Slovak (by Zdenko Podobný), Serbian (by Petar Benke), Swedish (by Fredrik Astrom)
– IMPROVED Updating language Catalan, French, Taiwanese languages
– IMPROVED You can now select RSS export of all tables in Piwik, by clicking on the export link below the tables. Available formats are: rss, json, php, xml, rss.
– IMPROVED various improvements, simplification, and refactoring of the Piwik Core code, moving to a simpler architecture to help developers build plugins easily! Also introducing web tests using canoo (thank you Krystian!!)
– FIXED Password reminder now works when trying to reset the Super User password.
– FIXED Typo in the select list of months (december was « undefined »)
– FIXED Google Chrome now appears in KHTML family instead of Mozilla
– Piwik tracking cookie is now set to expire after 2 years.
– NEW Added new option in config file: default_module_login ; When loading piwik interface, Piwik will load by default the CoreHome module. You can override the setting to force the user to login.  This is useful when you have some websites view « anonymous » access but you want to force users to login instead of viewing the first anonymous website available.
– NEW Added new option in config file: enable_detect_unique_visitor_using_settings; if set to true, Piwik will try to match visitors without cookie to a previous visitor that has the same configuration: OS, browser, resolution, IP, etc. This heuristic adds an extra SQL query for each page view without cookie. It is advised to set it to true for more accurate detection of unique visitors. However when most users have the same IP, and the same configuration, it is advised to set it to false.