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Find a great Google Tag Manager alternative in Matomo Tag Manager


If you’re looking for a tag management system that rivals Google’s, then Matomo Tag Manager is a great Google Tag Manager alternative that takes your tracking to the next level.

In this blog, we’ll cover:

What is a tag manager?

If you’re not familiar with Google Tag Manager or Matomo Tag Manager – they’re both free tag management systems that let you manage all your website code snippets (tags) in one place. 

Tags are typically JavaScript code or HTML that lets you integrate various features into your site in just a few clicks. For example: analytics codes, conversion tracking codes, exit popups and surveys, remarketing codes, social widgets, affiliates, and ads. With a tag manager, you get to easily look into and manage these different tracking codes.

Why use a tag manager?

Tag management systems are game changers because they let you track important data more effectively by easily adding code snippets (tags) to your website. 

By not needing to hard code each individual code you also save time. Rather than waiting for someone to make tag changes and to deploy your website, you can make the changes yourself without needing the technical expertise of a developer.

Why is Matomo Tag Manager a great Google Tag Manager alternative?

 Matomo Tag Manager is a great Google Tag Manager alternative. Not only does it let you manage all your tracking and marketing tags in one place, it also offers less complexity and more flexibility. 

By tagging your website and using Matomo Tag Manager alongside Matomo Analytics, you can collect much more data than you’d be able to otherwise. 

A bonus to using Matomo is the privacy and data ownership aspect. With Matomo you also get the added peace of mind that comes with 100% data ownership and privacy protection. You will never be left wondering what’s happening to your data. Rest assured knowing you’re doing the best to protect user privacy, while getting useful insights to improve your website. 

And since Matomo Tag Manager is the one of the best alternatives to Google Tag Manager, you’ll gain more than you lose by having full confidence that your data is yours to own.

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Three key benefits of using Matomo Tag Manager:

  • Empowers you to deploy and manage your own tags
    This takes the hassle out of needing a web developer to hard code and edit every tag on your website. Now you can deploy tracking code on chosen pages and track various data yourself. 
  • Open up endless possibilities on data tracking
    Dig a lot deeper to track analytics, conversions, and more. Now you can implement advanced tracking solutions without needing to pay an external source. 
  • Save time and create your own impact
    With limited resources you certainly don’t want to be wasting any time having to go back and forth with an external party over what tags to add or take away. An over-dependence on web developers or agencies carrying out tag management for you, stalls growth and experimentation opportunities. With a tag management system you have the convenience of inserting your own tags and getting to a desired outcome faster. You won’t have to forgo tracking opportunities because now it’s in your hands.

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A powerful web analytics platform that gives you and your business 100% data ownership and user privacy protection.

No credit card required.

Free forever.