Understand your visitors by seeing where they click, hover, type and scroll, and replay their actions in a video

Hi, this is Mike from InnoCraft, the company of the makers of Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) which is used by over 1 million websites and apps in over 150 countries.

I’m very proud to introduce you to our Heatmap & Session Recording feature which lets you analyze your visitors’ behaviour on a whole new level that was not possible before.

With Heatmaps you can see where people think something is clickable but it is not, how far down the page do they scroll, whether they see your important buttons and Call To Actions, or even whether you can re-position your page layout to put the important content in more visible places. Both the mouse movements and all clicks are recorded and viewable on these new beautiful heatmap visualisations.

With Session Recordings, you get to see a video showing exactly what a visitor did on your pages, including all mouse movements, scrolls, text typed in the keyboard, and more. Using these recordings you can improve the usability on your website, replace costly (and less effective) eye tracking sessions, and you can now see exactly what problems your visitors experience or how they behave on your website. This gives new insights and ability to understand what your users think.

-> Read the rest of the story on the Heatmaps & Session Recordings Marketplace page.

What does the new Heatmaps reports look like?

Here is below just a little preview of the new Heatmaps reports.

1) Mouse move and Click Heatmaps

2) A Scroll Heatmap

What does the new Session Recording look like?

You can replay videos of exactly what your users did on your websites including mouse moves, scrolls, typing in forms, and more.

1) Listing all recorded video sessions

2) Playing a recorded video session

Where do I get Heatmaps & Session Recording for Matomo?

The new premium plugin is available on the Matomo Marketplace:

This is a premium plugin for Matomo and comes with our 14 day money back guarantee and 1-click installation & updates (all product updates come for free).

You can also signup for a free Matomo Cloud (formerly Piwik Cloud)-hosted trial to discover the power of Heatmaps & Session Recordings!

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