Grow your business and understand your conversion funnel with Funnels for Matomo

Hi, this is Tom from InnoCraft. The company of the makers of Matomo (Piwik).

No matter what type of website or app you have, whether you are trying to get your users to sign up for something or sell products, there is a certain number of steps your visitors have to go through. I bet the same applies to you.

Have you ever wondered if your visitors or users actually follow that path in your website or app? And wondered where you lose your visitors? Where they maybe get confused? Want to see when something is not working anymore? Maybe you have a multi step signup form or onboarding process? On every step you lose visitors and therefore potential revenue and conversions. It’s critical to know how well your visitors go through these steps, where they originally came from and where they go to when they drop off.

If you are wondering about such things like we do, or want to drive your conversions and sales, we have something for you.

-> Read the rest of the story on the Funnels Marketplace page.

What does the new Funnel report look like?

Here is below just a little preview of the Funnel report.

You get this funnel report for each of your goals so you can optimise each of your conversion funnels.

Where do I get Funnel for Matomo?

Funnels is available on the Matomo Marketplace:

Funnels is premium plugin for Matomo and comes with our 14 day money back guarantee and 1-click installation & updates (all product updates come for free).

You can also signup for a free Matomo Cloud-hosted trial to discover the power of Funnels!

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