Intermediate PHP/JS Developer

Hello 👋

We’re looking for a developer to join us in the core team within Matomo. We build & maintain the core of the project and strive to give our users the best dev experience when working with Matomo.

You will be involved with many aspects of the core of the product and will get your hands dirty working with big amounts of data and writing code to help process that.

You will also work closely with our great product team on improving the product through iterations and working on brand new features / ideas to bring to our users.

At Matomo, we will not ask you to come back to the office – we are fully remote!

Our team in core is global with people in New Zealand, Philippines and Germany so effective communication across timezones is essential.


We are the creators of Matomo, the leading ethical web analytics solution that gives people full control of their data and built-in privacy.

We support many different customers of all various sizes, we offer our customers the flexibility to either host the service with us in our cloud environment or support and give them the option to run the software on their own hardware.

About you ✨

    • Results Junkie: At the end of the day, it’s all about delivering value to our customers. You’re laser-focused on getting things done and making our users’ lives better.
    • PHP Proficiency: You’ve got a solid grip on PHP, you are comfortable debugging large codebases, xdebug is your friend (or var_dump/die, no judgement here).
    • JavaScript Whiz: You have a good understanding of JavaScript, bonus points if you can also use VueJS.
    • Eager Beaver: You’re all about leveling up your programming game. Refactoring? Bring it on! Design patterns? You’re ready to dive in headfirst.
    • Codebase Connoisseur: Big codebases don’t scare you. In fact, you thrive on them! You’re the Sherlock Holmes of code, always spotting areas for improvement and making killer suggestions.
    • Communication Champ: You’re not afraid to speak up when things aren’t moving along in the sprint. You’re like the town crier, keeping the team in the loop and knowing just how to get yourself unstuck.
    • Ownership Guru: From a ticket sitting in the « TODO » pile to marking it as « DONE, » you know how to take charge and see things through. You’re like a task-taming ninja, monitoring progress and delivering to our customers.
    • Collaboration Queen/King: You love bouncing ideas around with your teammates. When faced with a problem, you’re not afraid to challenge the status quo, all while keeping an eye on the clock and the value we’re delivering.

The Role 🛼

    • Team Collaboration: You’ll be right in the mix, helping us refine tickets and plan our sprints. Think of it as being in the huddle before the big game, except our game is building awesome software. You will be working in a team with 3 senior developers, QA, product manager, team lead & a designer allowing you to focus on what you’re best at.
    • Automated testing: You write your own tests using PHPUnit and mocha, adding tests as you go and covering bugs you fix with tests as well!
    • Using the right tools: You can pick the tools you work with, generally we are working with PHPStorm on an operating system of your choice.
    • Customer & Community Support: Ever been the go-to person when friends need tech help? That’s what you’ll be here, helping out our customers and the community with any problems they’re facing. You’re the hero with the answers.
    • Pull Requests: We’re all about teamwork, so we’ll count on you to check out your teammates’ pull requests and give them the thumbs up (or some constructive feedback if needed).
    • Quality Assurance Tag Team: We’re all about quality, so you’ll be buddying up with our QA squad to make sure your work gets tested thoroughly before it goes out there. We’re not just shipping code; we’re shipping top-notch, squeaky-clean code.
    • Document Everything: Remember when your teachers said, « Show your work »? Well, that’s what we’re all about. We want everything documented, so others can pick up where you left off without missing a beat.
    • Product Iteration & Collaboration: Our product is always evolving, and you’ll be right there in the trenches with the product team, tweaking things, making improvements, and turning good into great.


    • 2 years+ experience as a full stack developer, experience with PHP & JavaScript, experience with non-framework PHP a plus.
    • Experience working with large legacy codebases.
    • Experience in an agile environment and working with scrum.
    • Experience with MySQL databases.
    • Skilled at writing automated tests, including unit & integration.

We welcome individuals with varied levels of experience to express their interest, recognizing that successful candidates may not necessarily meet every requirement. Research suggests that individuals from underrepresented groups might refrain from applying if they don’t meet all qualifications. If you’re enthusiastic about this position, we encourage you to submit your application, enabling us to assess your suitability thoroughly.


    • Remote work (save many hours on commute, and save money)
    • Co-working space paid for and/or work from home
    • All home office equipment paid for (laptop, desk, chair, standing desk, lights, etc.)
    • Flexible hours
    • 25 days of paid holidays per year plus your national public holidays
    • Sick leave
    • Health Insurance: Your Well-being, Our Priority
    • A huge “playground” to grow your skill set
    • Volunteering Day: Empower Your Impact
    • Bereavement Leave for Pets: Compassion Beyond Boundaries
    • Opportunity to work in a customer obsessed business, dedicated to building high-quality software with a strong mission of helping people grow their web projects while keeping full control of their data
    • Opportunity to have an immediate impact on a product that is used by more than 1 million websites and almost 2% of the whole Internet
    • Training Opportunities


    • 100% Remote work position – Must be based in New Zealand

About InnoCraft and Matomo Analytics

At InnoCraft, we offer analytics products and SaaS to enable our users to grow their business. We believe in openness, privacy and 100% data ownership. Our mission is to liberate analytics, and we are passionate about measuring for success. That’s why we created Matomo Analytics, the leading open-source analytics platform used on more than 1 million websites and apps in over 150 countries, available in more than 50 languages. The Matomo platform collects, stores and processes a lot of information: billions of data points each month. We create intuitive, simple and beautiful reports that delight our users.

Our community is worldwide with a strong core in Europe, and our company’s remote team members are mostly based in New Zealand but also in Germany, Austria, USA, France and India.

We hire based on your ability to get the job done. At the same time we are proactive in making InnoCraft an inclusive work environment across race, gender, age, religion and identity. We celebrate the things that make you, you!

Come join our growing team that’s helping ensure a safer, more privacy-focused web/internet!