Say you have selected the correct timezone for your location but the time is off by one hour. This may be due to an outdated timezone database version that doesn’t have for example the current daylight savings information for your location.

How do I find the version of the timezone database?

When using Matomo 4

A user with super user can easily find the version of the timezone database by going to Administration -> System Check. There you will find a row called « Timezone Version ». It might look something like « 2019.3 » meaning the timezone database is from 2019. In some cases the version might be reported as « 0.system ». That means your system uses the timezone database that was shipped with PHP.

Before Matomo 4

If you can access the command line on your server, you can get this information by executing the following command:

php -r "echo timezone_version_get();"

If your hoster provides a PHP Info then you can find this information in a row that says something like « Timezone Database Version » in the « date » section.

Alternatively you can also contact your hoster or system administrator and they may be able to provide this information.

How do I update the timezone database?

The easiest way is usually to upgrade your PHP version.

If this is not possible, you may need to install or update the pecl package timezonedb. How this is done varies depending on the operating system and hoster. If you don’t know how to do it you contact your hoster or system administrator.

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