How often will the search engine keywords data been imported?

For Google your keywords data usually takes two days to be imported, while for Bing and Yahoo! it may take up to a week. For Yandex the delay might be up to 4 days.

Because Search engines provide your keywords data a few days late, it may take a bit of time for reports to be populated with data.

Keywords data imported with Search Engine Keywords Performance is imported every day during your standard Matomo (Piwik) archiving process.

Over time you will be able to access months and even years of Search Keywords performance data and gain valuable insights into your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) progress.

Can I trigger the keywords import manually?

If you have shell-access to the server running Matomo you can use these built-in commands:

For Google:

./console searchengines:import-google --idsite=[idSite]

For Bing:

./console searchengines:import-bing --idsite=[idSite]

For Yandex:

./console searchengines:import-yandex --idsite=[idSite]

Normally the imports should be run automatically as Matomo tasks. If you experience some issues or the imports don’t run, you may try to trigger the imports manually to check if they are working at all.

What is Search Engine Keywords Performance?

Which queries caused your website to appear in search results? Which queries result in more traffic to your website than others? Some years ago most search engines decided to hide keywords from the referrer urls, which made it impossible for web analytics tools to report reliable keyword statistics and answer these questions. Search Keywords Performance Monitor is a plugin created by InnoCraft, the makers of Matomo, which lets gain those powerful insights and see all your keywords used by users directly into a new Matomo Search Keywords report.

Learn more about the features and many benefits of Search Keywords Performance and in the User Guide.

Your Search keywords data will be imported every day into your Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) and you will be able to access very valuable SEO and insights into your Search Keywords.

Where are my search keywords displayed?

Once you have configured Matomo (Piwik) Search Engine Keywords Performance to import your Google, Yandex and/or Bing and Yahoo! keywords (which just takes a few minutes), the keywords will be available in Matomo in a « Search Keywords » report under the Acquisition menu.

What are the metrics available for each Search keyword?

Search Engine Keywords Performance provides the following metrics for each of your Google/Yandex/Bing/Yahoo! search keywords:

  • Clicks: a click is counted each time someone clicks on a link pointing to your website on a search engine results page.
  • Impressions: an impression is counted each time your website is displayed in a search engine results page.
  • Clickthrough rate: a ratio showing how often people who see a search engine results page with a link to your website, end up clicking it.
  • Keyword position: average position of your website in the search engine results list (for this keyword).

How do I view my SEO search rankings evolution over time?

To view how your keywords position evolve over time, go to your Search Keyword reports. On a particular Keyword, hover on the keyword and click the Row Evolution icon. You will then see a graph showing the evolution of your key metrics (Keyword position, Clicks, Impressions and Clickthrough) over the last few days or weeks or months. You can even compare multiple keywords (for example, the keyword position or number of clicks) at the same time.

Is is possible to import keyword data from other search engines than Google, Yandex, Bing and Yahoo?

We currently import your keyword data from Google, from Yandex and from Bing and Yahoo!.

Some other search engines also allow to access the keyword statistics: in a future version we might add importing keywords for others. Please contact us if you are interested.

What do I need to import my Google Search Keywords?

To import your Google Keywords you need to Sign up to Google Search Console, and then add your website property. Once you have verified your website (proven to Google that you own the site), you will be able to let Matomo (Piwik) import your Google keywords for Google Search, Google images and Google videos. Our user guide explains in detail the steps to import your Google Keywords in Matomo.

Why is my Google keyword data not available for the most recent days?

Google keyword data is imported as soon as it is available on Google Search Console API. According to Google’s documentation the data is published in intervals. Keyword data for the most recent days might not yet be final. Those preliminary data will be automatically imported again until it is reported as final. This should usually be the case after 2-3 days.

Why are my Google keywords not showing up in the Search Keywords report?

When you’re using the SearchEngineKeywordsPerformance Premium plugin, your Google Search keywords data will be automatically imported from the time in your website or app.

Search keywords will be imported once your website has been configured and approved in the Search Console. When you create a new account and approve it in Search Console, the data will be available from this day onwards.

If no keyword shows up in your reports even when you have configured it correctly within Matomo, you can try to trigger the import manually on console. If that doesn’t help or you are not able to do it, feel free to contact us.

Why isn’t the Google keyword data available for dates older than 3 months?

When you’re using the SearchEngineKeywordsPerformance Premium plugin, your Google Search keywords data are imported from the time in your website or app. Google Search Console API only provides access to the data within the last 3 months. Unfortunately older data can’t be accessed. But once you have setup the import of Keywords in Matomo (Piwik), we will keep your keywords data full history and over time you will be able to access your keyword data history over many months and years. Matomo helps you liberate your data and keep full control of it.

With one of the December 2020 updates Google extended the data availability for the Search Console API to around 500 days. If you started using the SearchEngineKeywordsPerformance plugin before those changes have been implemented (< 4.2.0) the first import might still have imported 90 days only. If you want to import older days you still should be able to do this using the manual import on console.

How often are the crawling overview metrics updated?

The SearchEngineKeywordsPerformance plugin offers new Crawling overview reports:

  • Crawling overview report show how Search engines bots crawl your websites. This crawling overview displays the following key metrics: crawled pages, total pages in index, total inbound links, robots.txt exclusion page count, page redirects (301, 302 http status).

These metrics are updated regularly, as often as possible according to how fast Search Engines provide us with the data:

  • Bing updates the crawling overview metrics daily and also provides historical data. All available data will be imported on the first import. New data will then be imported every day in your Matomo (Piwik).

  • Yandex updates the crawling overview metrics daily and also provides historical data. Like Bing all available data will be imported initially and updated every day.

How do I import Google keywords from multiple protocols/sub-domains into one Matomo website? (using domain property)

When using the Search Engine Keywords Performance plugin, you can import one of your website’s keywords into the corresponding Matomo (Piwik) website. But it is also possible to import the Google Keywords from several protocols/sub-domains into one Matomo website. First need to 1) create a Domain property in Google Search Console and then 2) import keywords from this property into Matomo. Follow these two steps:

1) Create a new domain property (from Google’s documentation).

  • In the Search Console home page, click Add property.
  • define the domain name and apply the required DNS change
  • Click Verify to add the property.

Note: It might take a few days to start seeing data for your new property.

2) In Matomo, configure the keyword import from this new Domain property.

  • In Matomo > Administration > Search Performance, below Google Search Console, click Setup Configuration.
  • Below Configure websites click the Add configuration
  • Select your Matomo Website to import keywords into, and then select the Domain Property you just created in the Google Search console.

After 2-3 days, all keywords from your Domain property should be imported in Matomo.

Do I need to set up a Google account for Search Console?

Yes, to be able to import Keyword statistics in Matomo (Piwik) from Google Search Console, a connection to a Google account is required. This account needs to have access to the Search Console data for the website you would like to query the data for.

If you don’t have set up Search Console yet, go to Google Webmaster Tools. Add your website as new property and follow the instructions to verify you are the site owner. That’s all. Now Matomo should be able to import the keywords if you grant access to your account in Matomo > Administration > Search Performance. Learn more in our user guide.

How often are page crawling error reports updated?

The SearchEngineKeywordsPerformance plugin offers page crawling error reports:

  • Crawling error reports show all pages that could not be loaded while the bot was crawling your site. The detailed reasons, like server errors, robots.txt exclusions, not found pages, and similar will help to take the right actions to avoid such issues.

  • The crawling error reports do not provide any historical feature. They will always show the latest data provided by the Search Engines. The data will be imported once a day.

Google Search Console does not show any Google search keywords, or very few, what should I do?

​If you are not able to see the keywords in the Google Search console, Matomo will not be able to import the keywords. Here is the explanation of what’s likely happening:

Your website may be running with HTTPS only or Google may send all search traffic to your HTTPS website, but maybe you have configured a HTTP property in Google Search Console. So if you have added to Google Search Console, it won’t show you any traffic directed to

So you likely need to add the URL-prefix property to Search Console and configure Matomo to import that data.

Alternatively, as you can see in this Google documentation, you can add a Domain Property. A Domain property in Search console will Include all subdomains (m, www, and so on) and both protocols (HTTP, HTTPS).​
-> We recommend to add your Domain property​ to Google Search Console (or alternatively add your URL-Prefix property starting with https://).
​Could you try this and let us know if you can see your keywords in the Search Console?

When I Start the oAuth process for Search Keywords import, why do I get redirected to my homepage?

This can happen when you enter your website URL in the Authorized redirect URIs rather than your Matomo URL (when setting up Google oAuth config client). This needs to be set to your Matomo URL including the query string for example: refer to step 10 in our guide.

Why do I still see « keyword not defined » in some of my reports?

Unfortunately we don’t have access to the data of « keyword per visitor » so we can’t show the keywords per visitor in the Visits log, nor can we give out the per-keyword conversion rates for your Goals. You can find your keyword reports under Acquisition > Search Engines & Keywords.