As use of your Matomo instance increases over time, so too will the utilization of system
resources, like CPU, memory, and storage. It’s important to configure monitoring and alerting so that you’re aware of potential issues before they become critical enough to negatively impact application performance or availability.

With a monitoring solution of your choice (such as Zabbix, Munin, Nagios), it is recommended to monitor the following resources:

● General system health such as CPU and memory usage.
● Storage usage, throughput, and latency.
● Network throughput, number of clients, and error rates.
● Database usage and throughput.

It is recommended the following alerting thresholds as a starting point of what are the most
important components to monitor. These alerts should be created on each server in the cluster.

Type Severity Threshold
Disk storage Warning Disk use exceeds 70% of total available.
Disk storage Critical Disk use exceeds 90% of total available.
CPU and load average Warning 15 minute load average exceeds 1x CPU cores.
CPU and load average Critical 15 minute load average exceeds 2x CPU cores.
RAM Memory Warning Sustained RAM usage exceeds 50% of total
available memory
RAM Memory Critical Sustained RAM usage exceeds 70% of total
available memory.
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