There are many WordPress plugins available to connect your WordPress with Matomo, which can be confusing. Your choice of plugin depends on the type of Matomo installation you have.

We suggest either of the two plugins below.

Matomo Analytics

The Matomo Analytics plugin installs Matomo right into your WordPress. Once installed, tracking will start to this locally installed Matomo within your WordPress. No data will leave your WordPress with this type of installation. For instructions on installing Matomo Analytics for WordPress please see our guide here:

Connect Matomo

We recommend that the Connect Matomo plugin is used for tracking to a standalone installation of Matomo. A standalone Matomo is an installation that is not integrated within WordPress and runs independently on it’s own server. You would use this plugin for our Cloud service, or if you already have Matomo installed and running. For instructions on installing Connect Matomo please see our guide here:

Can I use both plugins at the same time?

It is not possible to track using both plugins at the same time as the tracking will conflict causing inaccurate tracking. Please use either Matomo Analytics or Connect Matomo.

I installed the plugin but there is no data in my Cloud account?

Check you have installed Connect Matomo not Matomo Analytics. If you have installed Matomo analytics you should see data under Matomo Analytics in the WordPress Menu.

How can I track to Matomo Analytics and the cloud at the same time?

Using the tag manager in Matomo Analytics create another Matomo analytics tag and Matomo configuration that uses your cloud URL (e.g and idsite. Publish the updated container for tracking to go to both instances.

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