When you encounter this error message, it means that the conversion action you are trying to upload to your Google Ads account does not match the existing ones in your account.

To resolve this issue, you need to ensure that the conversion action in your Google Ads account matches with what you have configured in Matomo field « Alias name in export ».

First, make sure you have created a conversion action(s) in Google Ads by following these steps.

If you have already followed the steps in the other FAQ and experience the error There is no conversion action with that name in the associated account. then proceed to these steps:

  1. in Google Ads, click the “Tools & Settings” icon and choose “Measurement > Conversions”, where you can edit the conversion name. Note that you need to copy-paste this exact name in Matomo.
  2. So then in Matomo, open your Conversion Export and paste it in Goal > Alias name in export field.

This will make sure that the « Conversion Name » field in the conversion upload file matches the name of the conversion action you created in Google Ads.

Then wait for the next scheduled import and the error messages should resolve.

If you are still having issues after following these steps, and waited for the next import, you can reach out to the Matomo Support team so we can help further.

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