Matomo (Piwik) is an analytics platform that comes with a set of APIs (Tracking API and Reporting & Management API), a web application with a modern user interface, but Matomo also comes with a powerful console tool.

To use the console, connect to your server running Matomo using SSH or your server console. The tool is a script located in Matomo’s root directory and called console. You can run it with the command:

./console help

The Matomo console has many uses and new commands are regularly added to the console. By default, Matomo has commands to enable and disable plugins (plugin:activate and plugin:deactivate), modify the config.ini.php file pragmatically (config:set), clear the cache (cache:clear), run the archiver (core:archive), delete old log data (core:delete-logs-data), invalidate specific old reports (core:invalidate-report-data), run the scheduled tasks (scheduled-tasks:run), update Matomo system and database after the files were updated (core:update), enable the development mode (development:enable), run the system check diagnostics (diagnostics:run), open and watch the content of the Matomo log messages (log:watch), and many others.

List all of the commands available on your Matomo server by running:

./console list

Plugins you use from the Marketplace may also add new console commands. For example the CustomDimensions plugin will add new console commands to list information about custom dimensions (customdimensions:info) or to let you add and remove custom dimensions (customdimensions:add-custom-dimension, customdimensions:remove-custom-dimension).

Read our Matomo console commands guide to learn more about commands.

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