At Matomo (Piwik) we are fond of libre and free and open software! Besides the Matomo platform, we have created and maintain other open source projects:

Our free projects related to Matomo

  • Device Detector: the Universal Device Detection library will parse any User Agent and detect the browser, operating system, device used (desktop, tablet, mobile, tv, cars, console, etc.), brand and model.
  • Mobile SDKs: we created and maintain the iOS SDK for Matomo and the Android SDK for Matomo to let you measure your mobile applications.
  • Tracking API Clients: our core team and community create and maintain Tracking API SDKs in multiple languages: Java, C#, PHP, JavaScript. (we are looking for new creators of SDK for Matomo, ideal if you love open source, Matomo and either Ruby or Node.js or C++ or Go or any other awesome programming language or platform!)
  • Matomo Mobile app: our mobile app running on Android and iOS devices is free/libre software project.
  • Several Plugins for Matomo: all plugins are published on our open Marketplace.

Reusable PHP components

  • Cache component is a PHP caching library based on Doctrine cache.
  • Decompress component is a PHP library that provides several adapters to decompress files.
  • Network component is a PHP library that provides network tools in particular manipulating and anonymising IP addresses.
  • INI component is a PHP library to read and write INI configuration files.

Other Open source projects

  • CI Trigger is a tool for Travis CI that lets you restart your builds automatically on a schedule.
  • Github Changelog Generator: a handy tool that queries the GitHub issues API to create and format a changelog based off the closed Github issues.
  • Github Issues Mirror: we created this tool to let any Github issues users create a read-only mirror of all issues. This has several advantages: Data ownership, Better for SEO in case not all of your GitHub issues are indexed by Google, in case GitHub is down you can still access your issues. Our Issues mirror is here:
  • Github Sync: a tool to let you synchronize labels and milestones accross several GitHub repositories. We use this to synchronise our issues labels and milestones across 50+ repositories.
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