Matomo (Piwik) can be used to track an unlimited number of websites. Matomo can track pages on multiple domains and subdomains. Most users track from 1 to 10 websites, but some Matomo servers track more than 10,000 websites!

Add a Website

You must be logged in to Matomo as the super user to add a new Website. Click on Administration to access the administration area, then under Websites/Measurable click on Manage. This page is used to create, update and delete websites.

Click on Add a new website to create a new site in Matomo. The website form shows all the options you can specify:

These are the attributes that you can specify for each website:

  1. Name: the website’s name
  2. Alias URLs: domains and subdomains that are tracked in this website. This will ensure that tracked domains don’t appear in the Referrer report.
  3. Excluded IPs: a list of IPs, or IP ranges (132.4.3.* or 143.2..) to be excluded from being tracked on all websites.
  4. Excluded Parameters: URL query parameters that should be excluded from URLs, for example session parameters. This will ensure your Behaviour > Pages reports stay clean and easy to analyse.
  5. Time zone: each website will report data in its given time zone. If you update the website time zone, only the reports going forward will be affected.
  6. Currency: the currency symbol will be displayed next to revenue in your goals.
  7. Ecommerce: if your website is an Ecommerce store you can enable the Ecommerce reports

You can also specify Matomo-wide values for these attributes at the bottom of the page. For example, you can set a list of IPs to exclude on all websites and URL parameters to always exclude from tracked page URLs on all websites.

Update and Delete Websites

To update a website, click on Administration (cog icon) > Websites/Measurable > Manage > Edit, update one or several fields, and then press Save.

To delete a website, Click on Administration (cog icon) > Websites/Measurable > Manage > Delete at the right of the Websites screen. Please double check before deleting a website, since this operation cannot be reversed.

Track Subdomains & Multiple Domain Names

If you track several subdomains or domain names in the same Matomo installation, there are a few important JavaScript functions to use:

  • Page title containing the domain name — by default, Matomo does not report the domain name in pages reports. For example, two page views of and are reported under the same ‘index.html’ page title in Matomo. You can easily customize Matomo to prefix the domain name in the page title. See JS Tracker – Customize Page titles
  • Cookie paths — by default, Matomo creates first party cookies in the domain (or subdomain) where Matomo is used. If you track several sub-domains in one Matomo website, then you must ensure that the cookies are shared across subdomains, and that all use the same cookies. See the JS Tracker – Measuring domains and/or sub-domains for domain names and sub domains Cookie setup
  • Click tracking — you can disable clicks to subdomains tracked in the same Matomo website. See the JS Tracker – click tracking page

All Websites Dashboard

All Websites Dashboard is the best way to get an overview of what is happening on all your websites at once. You can check on the visits, unique visitors and page views, as well as view the sparkline showing the last few days evolution.

Each user can also choose, in the User Settings page, to load the All Websites Dashboard by default.

The All Websites Dashboard in Email Reports

You can also automatically receive the All Websites Dashboard by email — daily, weekly or monthly.

In Email Reports > click on ‘Edit’ (or create a new scheduled report) > then Click on the checkbox ‘All Websites Dashboard’.

Embedding the All Websites Dashboard in your app

If you are building a web application, or if you use an exiting portal or dashboard, you can easily include the All Websites report via an Iframe. Click on the top menu Widgets link for more info. Click here to see the All websites dashboard Embed demo.

Common Questions

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