Piwik 2.2.1 is a new minor release which brings more stability to the platform. Please update now.

What’s changed?

  • All your settings will be saved and restored the next time you visit any report in Piwik. Until now, Piwik was saving and restoring your settings for dashboard widgets (for example: which column was sorted, table or graph, whether the report is flattened or not, etc.). From Piwik 2.2.1 onwards, this feature will work across all reports. This was a top requested feature for many power users, it will save you time and effort.
  • Several bugs were fixed in the Installation process which affected a subset of users. More bugs were fixed in the platform, resulting in more stable and reliable Piwik.
  • a Referrer spam blacklist feature was implemented, as several users reported issues with referrer spam. The referrer spam list can be edited in the configuration file.
  • Developers: Period::factory() is deprecated, please use Period\Factory::build() instead
  • (released in 2.2.0) Event Tracking: track your custom events with Piwik. An event is defined by a Category, an Action, an optional Name and an optional Value. Event Tracking is a powerful feature which can be used for many purposes!

After You Update

  • Please help us spread the word about Piwik! Maybe you can write about the project on your blog, website, twitter, at conferences, or let your friends and colleagues know what is Piwik. Already 1,150,000 websites have liberated their web analytics but we need your help to grow the community!
  • To improve Piwik in your language consider contributing to translations.
  • Use the forums if you have any question or feedback (free support)
  • Contact Piwik Partners for any enquiry, custom development or to learn more about making the most of Piwik

New FAQs and User Guides

List of 31 tickets closed in Piwik 2.2.1

  • #1915 Persist & Restore all settings from reports, like it is done for Dashboard widgets
  • #4691 Bundle AngularJS with Piwik
  • #5030 Tracking API: allow bulk tracking without token_auth
  • #5037 Customise periods enabled in the API and in calendar, new config setting
  • #5035 Archiving should trigger limited number of concurrent requests
  • #3763 Adding widgets to the dashboard not possible on mobile devices
  • #4946 import_logs.py fail to populate actions/page tables
  • #4989 Database is sometimes not initialised correctly after a fresh install
  • #4990 Error: it seems you tried to skip a step of the Installation process
  • #5005 Install with errors, not tracking
  • #5080 Installation: when there is already a Super User, skip the installation step
  • #5043 core:archive doesn’t produce hourly archives
  • #2268 Implement a default Referrer spam blacklist
  • #4599 Use autoloader in piwik.php requests
  • #5031 Use Composer to require PHPUnit
  • #5039 Deprecate archive.sh script -> use `./console core:archive` instead
  • #5065 Deprecate Period::factory() -> use Period\Factory::build() instead
  • #2838 API: Column sort does not always work for processed metrics
  • #4992 support for filter_sort_order in Live.getLastVisitsDetails API
  • #4972 IE10/11: calendar date range shows days in white on white
  • #4555 In UI « Metrics to plot » minor formatting errors
  • #4741 Bug: Annotations API, « date=today » is not resolved to actual date
  • #4884 Disable Insights plug-in on Database Usage Graph
  • #4888 When new annotation created in PIWIK, it proposes wrong date
  • #4982 All Websites dashboard page title
  • #4992 API getLastVisitsDetails – sorting a range of data
  • #5010 VisitorGenerator plugin: Token auth is required for bulk tracking
  • #5038 All Websites Dashboard doesn’t list websites if one has the group field filled (Piwik 2.2.0)
  • #5041 procfs needed by process component as of Piwik 2.2
  • #5060 Incompatibility with PHP 5.5.11 due to bug in this php version
  • #5064 Invalid FastCGI Check in ProxyHttp.php

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