Yahoo Analytics is Dead – Matomo is a Free Software that Will Work Forever!

A major Free Web Analytics service provider ‘Yahoo Analytics’ will close for new websites on October 31st, 2012. A few weeks ago, Urchin closed sales to new customers in March 2012. Therefore, Matomo (Piwik) is the best free web analytics alternative to Yahoo Analytics!

Matomo is made to last, not designed to fail, because it is a Free Software with already 5 years history!

This blog post is a quick reminder that Matomo is a Free Software under the GPL license, where you can read the source code and have your own copy that you are free to modify and share with others. Your data stays safe and secure and is never shared with anyone but you – we work pro-actively to ensure the highest level of security.

When you use Matomo, as long as you (or your web host) have Recent backups of your Matomo Mysql DB (every day or week) your Matomo will work for the next 20 years at least!

Some Matomo users have been tracking since the first alpha release 5 years ago & some users have imported old data via logs and use Matomo with 7 years of historical statistical data!

Download & Install Matomo for free (no catches!).

Thank you for considering Matomo to analyse and track statistics on your website, and letting your friends and colleagues know about it. Keep spreading the word and help the Matomo community grow!

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